Rant Journaling?

I was wondering if I should buy this journal that I saw from Fully Booked. I know that I already have 2 planners, but those are planners and not journals. You can’t rant on planners right?

Some may say that writing in a journal is too old fashioned, but who cares? I’m not the type of woman who will spend time blogging about my rants in life, especially personal ones. Ranting makes me feel relaxed since it helps me release the stresses that I am going through in life. Okay enough, I don’t want to talk about it here.

Anyway, I was wondering if this is worth it or not, if I am going to use it, like literally use it often. It costs expensive for a journal, but I like the design. It suits my personality, in fact, I already reserved one for myself and it’ll be transferred to my chosen branch within 5-7days. I think it’ll be available for pickup this weekend. Yes, just right after Christmas. I’m certainly sure that I’ll have a lot of things to rant about.

It’s That Time Of The Year

Tis the season to collect stickers and stamps from two of my favorite coffee shops here in the Metro. Thanks to my friends who helped me complete all the necessary stickers and stamps for me to be able to claim my 2015 planners.

I first got my Starbucks 2015 Planner and I loved the packaging that it came with.

This reusable pouch is what got my attention at first. You can use it to store stuff or even as a lunch bag.

I chose brown since I kind of like the design. I overheard the baristas talking about the colors this year and brown represents the Coffee Via. The planner comes with a name plate bookmark, pen and a marker in one, and a bookmark.

Of course, coupons!

I love this part of the planner, where I can assess my mood all throughout the year by putting smileys and all. Lol that’s just me, I really don’t know what this part of the planner is for.

Anyway, a couple of weeks after, I got to redeem my Coffee Bean The Giving Journal 2015.

It came with this packaging, where it can also be given as a gift, which is a good thing if you plan on giving this journal as a gift.

I chose purple among the four available colors. This year, they chose to give stickers, which I love.

I love that they have a “bucket list” like page!

Well, this page will be my guide, for me to be able to do good stuff this year.

Oooh another set of coupons!

Okay, so between the two, I think I’m going to use my Coffee Bean 2015 Journal all throughout the year. I’ll be keeping track of everything in my life this 2015.

As for the Starbucks 2015 Planner, I think I’ll be using it as a notebook for work and all.

Until the next!

I Wonder What It Will Be Like To Love Somebody New

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It will be strange at first. You’ll ask me out on a date, and I’ll nervously do my hair and makeup, wondering if you prefer my hair curled or straight. I never had to wonder with him. You’ll pick me up right on time, and I’ll slide into the front seat of your car and we’ll make small talk and I’ll smile, but I’ll feel awkward messing with the radio, something I never had to think about before.

During dinner I’ll nervously play with my food, wondering if you find me attractive, if you’re judging me for ordering a salad, if you’re thinking my weight makes me undesirable. I always ordered a burger when I was with him — and I almost always finished whatever he left behind. I knew he loved my body, but with you, I’m not sure yet.

When the check comes, we’ll fight over it, but in…

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The Diary Of A Professional Third Wheel

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I definitely can relate to this, which is why this needs to be reblogged!

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5 pm: Roommate and I sit in our living room after the end of a busy week of work. As we recap the day, we discuss Boyfriend’s arrival. She says, “He hates driving in rush hour traffic, I hope he’s not pissed off when he gets here.” As do I, Roommate. Nothing is worse than being the third wheel to a cranky couple. We third wheels like our couples happy and carefree. It makes our job so much easier.

8 pm: The past 3 hours (our only girl time for the weekend) involved us splitting a full pizza and discussing the trials and tribulations of our respective weeks. Boyfriend will arrive any minute.

10pm: Boyfriend has been here for almost 2 hours and he has shown no signs of irritability. Dodged a bullet there. We settle on a gender-neutral movie that will not bore Boyfriend while still keeping the interest of Roommate and I. I offer to make…

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How Was Your Day?

I spent the entire day today with my sister whom I don’t often go out with. That is why today, I decided to spend the day with her.

We went to the mall to have lunch and have coffee. We didn’t talk much because there’s actually nothing to talk about. She just read a book while sipping an iced caramel macchiato, while I used my phone for random stuff.

I wanted to go home early so I can take a nap, since my left eye decided to act up today. I often get a pain behind my left eye due to my sinusitis. Been suffering for more than a year now, and I’ve been relieving the symptoms using Sinutab. I hate it when my sinusitis starts attacking me whenever I’m out. It just ruins everything all the time. Well luckily, today’s attack was just mild so I decided to just stay and go on with the original plan.

We went home after having dinner and now I am planning to watch a movie entitled “Last Night”. It’s about a married couple who needed to be in two different places in one night for certain reasons. So what I’m going to find out is what happened during that night.


Are You Familiar with Finish This Book?

Last Saturday some friends and I went out to have coffee and dinner somewhere. We decided to drop by my favorite +bookstore to check on some books. I again came across with the “F NISH TH S B K” by Keri Smith. I’ve been eyeing this book since last year, because I just find the cover and everything in it interesting.

So after so many months and with the help of my friends in deciding, I then decided to buy the book and vowed to myself that I will finish this book no matter how long it takes and no matter how complicated the challenges are. I’ve been doing the first few pages and I find them entertaining, so most probably I will surely be able to finish this book in no time.

This book is more like for children and teenagers who are into this type of book. But according to my research, it can be read and done by people of all ages so that makes me eligible for the book. I highly recommend this for people who just want to have fun and who are willing to allot some time in doing certain tasks that the book will need the readers.

Keri Smith is also the author of many books, including Wreck this Journal and Mess where you can write, doodle and just mess up the pages. I plan to buy some of her books after finishing the “F NISH TH S B K”. I just find this book more interesting than the rest, which is why this is the first book that I decided to purchase.

So for now, I’ll stop blogging first so I can continue the mission that this book has in store for me.


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Are You Familiar with Bubblews?

Last January 6, 2014, I got introduced to Bubblews by a long time client who is also working there. I tried it out since it looks promising.

During my first few days, I was too lazy to write a lot of post since I was not sure on how I will be getting the views and the likes that I need to earn. But after 4 days of writing there, I managed to learn how I will be able to get these things, and it is by interacting with your fellow Bubblews users.

For those who aren’t familiar, Bubblews is a website where you can write anything that you want and earn for every views, likes, comments and even dislikes that you will receive. All you have to do is to abide by their rules for you to avoid experiencing problems, which you definitely don’t want to encounter.

From January 10th to 19th, I posts articles and interacted with people there and I luckily reached the minimum payout of $50. I didn’t redeemed it just yet because I have read in some posts that some people who redeemed the exact payout experienced problems with their payments. The reason behind this is because there might be deductions and such, this is when one of the likers or commenters in your posts get deleted due to some violations. Since I don’t want this to happen, I waited until I reached $60. By January 22nd, I hit the green button with an amount of $61.01.


The e-check will be arriving within 72hours, but for me, it arrived a few hours after 72. It was okay, since they needed to check the posts first before sending out the payment. On January 25th, I got an email from paypal that Bubblews sent me $61.04 and the check will be cleared between January 29th to 31st. I got so happy that I finally received an e-check for working hard on the website.

So now I am currently writing posts that I can submit to Bubblews again for the entire week, for me to hit the green button again for my 2nd redemption.

If you want to earn extra income or if you just want to write and earn with the articles that you are writing, then joining Bubblews is definitely ideal! Imagine you can write anything that you like and earn extra money at the same time, isn’t that a good deal?

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